CIRCAN project endorsement process

The CIRCAN Investigator Group meeting provides an opportunity for principal investigators to present their research protocols to have their study become a “CIRCAN study”.

Priorities for CIRCAN studies
  • Collaborations between early career and established researchers
  • Studies developed by CIRCAN member institutions
  • Studies featuring co-leads from different sites
  • Studies addressing research questions of primary relevance to inpatient general paediatrics

A CIRCAN study must involve more than one site. However, as few as two sites working collaboratively could constitute a CIRCAN study. Each site has the right to opt in or opt out of individual CIRCAN studies.

Invitations to participate in externally-led projects will be referred to the CIRCAN Investigator Group.

CIRCAN study consideration process
  1. Presentation of initial concept at CIRCAN Investigator Group (IG) meeting
  2. CIRCAN IG assigns a working group (+/- mentor)
  3. Concept is developed by working group
  4. Presentation of final concept at CIRCAN IG meeting
  5. Decision to proceed made by CIRCAN IG or referred to Executive Committee

For more information, refer to the CIRCAN handbook.

CIRCAN Handbook

New CIRCAN Study Proposal

  • Specific research question Type of research question Actions
    There are no Research questions.

    Maximum number of research questions reached.

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